Ellis M. Skinner Co GP, LLC is a second generation family business that has been solely involved in the construction industry since 1942.

We are a customer service oriented, trade management business, with an established and reliable workforce within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Austin & San Antonio. We are committed to providing our clients with dependable and affordable skilled tradesmen. Skinner Company focuses on delivering qualified personnel to meet your project needs.

We pride ourselves in furnishing personalized customer service for our clients. One of our dedicated representatives will research your company and work with you to determine your needs. Once your project needs have been established, our experienced placement team will recruit and precisely match qualified personnel for your project. The individual selected will be picked based on your company’s criteria.

Ellis M. Skinner Co GP, LLC offers a wide variety of services. We specialize in personnel for the construction industry. We also offer other services such as cleanup crews, janitorial services, demolition, and safety services.

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